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  International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics - IJGMMP.
  International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems - IJHSES.
  International Journal of Mathematics - IJM.
  Advances in Complex Systems - ACS.
  Analysis and Applications - AA.
  Biophysical Reviews and Letters - BRL.
  Communications in Contemporary Mathematics - CCM.
  Fluctuation and Noise Letters; An Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal on Random Processes in Physical, Biological and Technological Systems - FNL.
  Fractals - an Interdisciplinary Journal on the Complex of Geometry - FRACTALS.
  Gene Therapy and Regulation
  Infinite Dimensional Analysis Quantum Probability and Related Topics - IDAQP.
  International Journal of Algebra and Computation - IJAC.
  International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering - IJBC.
  International Journal of Biomathematics
  International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications - IJCGA.
  International Journal of Computational Methods - IJCM.
  International Journal of Modern Physics A - IJMPA.
  International Journal of Modern Physics B - IJMPB. (Text in English)
  International Journal of Modern Physics C: Physics & Computers - IJMPC.
  International Journal of Modern Physics D: Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology - IJMPD.
  International Journal of Modern Physics E: Nuclear Physics - IJMPE.
  International Journal of Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence.
  International Journal of PIXE - IJPIXE.
  International Journal of Quantum Information - IJQI.
  International Journal of Semantic Computing
  International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering - IJSEKE.
  International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance - IJTAF.
  Journal of Algebra and Its Applications - JAA.
  Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - JBCB.
  Journal of Biological Systems - JBS.
  Journal of Computational Acoustics - JCA.
  Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations - JHDE.
  Journal of Information & Knowledge Management - JIKM.
  Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications - JKTR.
  Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials - JNOPM.
  Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry - JTCC.
  Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences - M3AS.
  Modern Physics Letters A - MPLA.
  Modern Physics Letters B - MPLB.
  Reviews in Mathematical Physics - RMP. (Text in English)
  Surface Review and Letters - SRL.
  Journal of Topology and Analysis